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Name:Fan Agora
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A multi-fannish, multimedia, multilingual rec community
Please pardon our appearance! We're under construction!

The Fan Agora is a collection of reccers who share a common love of variety. Here you will find recs for both fanworks and canons, for works in multiple languages, mediums, and fandoms, even things that might not be considered traditionally fannish. Variety is our specialty.

Sometimes we run voluntary challenges to celebrate recs of a particular type. Non-challenge reccing continues as normal through this process.

There are no limits or minimums for reccers, so traffic here may be variable.


We tag everything! Please see our tag list if you're looking for something in particular. We tag by reccer, fandom, canon medium, work medium, work language, and theme, among others.


Recced items and recs themselves may be in any language. If a language barrier prevents you from understanding content notes in a rec and you have a trigger or other need, please comment or PM the reccer to see if they can help you. If they can't, please contact the mods.

Content Notes and Triggers

Reccers are responsible for their own recs. We encourage reccers to note common triggers, especially if the creator does not, but we recognize that this isn't always possible. Please exercise all normal caution when approaching recced items. Please note that every reccer may have their own format or style, which may not include all the header information of a fanwork - please always review headers for additional details. (If you have a specific trigger, you can always comment or PM the reccer to ask. We'll do our best to help.)

Our list of common triggers we will try to note: graphic violence, sexual consent issues, self-harm/addiction/suicide, abuse, character death. Additional triggers may be noted if the reccer chooses to do so.

If you would like the content notes of a rec expanded to include something the reccer did not originally mention, please comment at the contact the mods post.


Membership is by invitation only at this time. Our criteria for membership varies, but it generally comes down to increasing our diversity by bringing on board reccers who play in different fandoms, genres, languages, mediums, regions, etc. from current members of the community.

Audience participation

We encourage you to comment about why you liked a recced item, if you feel like it. We also love to hear if you found something in a rec here and ended up loving it. \o/ You're welcome to bring these comments to any post at any time.

Since these are recs, we ask that you keep comments positive.

(As a note, if you find yourself typing something like, "Normally I hate [kink X/pairing Y/character Z], but..." please go back and remove the first part of your sentence, leaving only the compliment at the end. Thanks!)

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